Where should I keep my BBT?


If you are using a beta version to test the app, do not use real BBT.

We have created “test BBT” and “test ETH” for the purposes of testing our beta versions.

If you’re using the live version of the app, you can simply keep your BBT in the app’s built-in wallet. Remember, only sellers need BBT. (Buyers do not).

If you prefer an external wallet to keep most of your BBT, we recommend myetherwallet. Visit MyEtherWallet and use the “Create New Wallet” function on the home page. Then, you will need three pieces of information in order to prepare your wallet correctly:
Address: 0x1500205f50bf3fd976466d0662905c9ff254fc9c
Token Symbol: BBT Decimals: 4
After you log in to your wallet, click the “Add Custom Token” button under “Token Balances.” Enter those three pieces of information as shown above, and click “Save.” Your wallet is now ready to accept BBT.