Where can I get BitBoost Tokens?


The BBT (BitBoost Token) is a utility token that powers listings on our app.

During this beta testing period, you may request “test BBT” and “test ETH” by emailing us at freemoney@bitboost.net. Don’t forget to include your app wallet address so we know where to send your test tokens. Never use real crypto when testing - you’ll lose it forever!

For the live app, you will need real tokens. BBT are already available on several exchanges, including Cryptopia, one of the larger and more trusted exchanges. See the full list below, in alphabetical order.

Please note that BitBoost has no relationship to these third-party exchanges, and no control over them or the token market in general. These exchanges have independently chosen to list our token. If you use them, you do so at your own risk.

The BBT is a utility token. BitBoost does not recommend tokens as investments. Before buying any token, including ours, educate yourself about cryptocurrencies by learning from independent experts. You can also read our Risk Disclosure for more info.