What are the fees for the marketplace?


One of the benefits of our marketplace is its low fees. Sellers pay the equivalent of less than 1% of the cost of goods sold. This fee is payable in BitBoost Tokens (BBT).

Unlike traditional e-commerce platforms, our marketplace doesn’t charge a commission on sales. The only charge we have is the listing fee imposed on sellers for every successful sale. We believe that this is hugely attractive for merchants, given that the leading auction and e-commerce websites can charge up to 30%.

The fee is paid in BBT. It is always less than 1% of the cost of any goods sold. Unsuccessful listings do not incur a fee. This fee covers all of the functionality that both buyers and sellers enjoy: our clean, intuitive user experience; filtering mechanisms; and the safety provided by our automatic escrow and dispute arbitration processes, as well as instant blockchain payments. Buyers pay no fees at all to BitBoost.

In this way we hope to create a marketplace that is highly attractive for all users, as well as underpinning demand for the token we sold in our crowdfund.