Welcome to the BitBoost Community


Welcome! This is the official BitBoost Forum. Here you will find an open community that is all about BitBoost, it’s mission to redefine e-commerce using blockchain, and ultimately shaping the economy for a better, more connected world. You can ask questions about the product, share your suggestions, and learn more about BitBoost with some exclusive content, available only on this forum. Not only that, but it’s also a great place to meet like-minded individuals and discuss ideas.

What is BitBoost?

The Swiss blockchain software company BitBoost was created with a clear purpose of developing a decentralized marketplace. BitBoost is launching its own decentralized e-commerce platform based on the Ethereum blockchain’s smart contracts protocol.

Due to its decentralized nature, our app provides many benefits and advantages such as privacy, freedom, and drastically lowered operational costs.

Who is this Forum for?

This a communication platform for a collective of aspiring individuals, excited about the new possibilities made available by blockchain and cryptocurrency, a combination that is already reshaping commerce around the world. Our forum is a place where diversity, innovative ideas, and efforts to expand the blockchain ecosystem are to be encouraged. Admins and Moderators are here to help grow this open-hearted environment for people with shared interests across the globe.

Join us today and don’t forget to introduce yourself!