Using the marketplace’s Naming System


This offers a convenient way of searching users on the BitBoost Marketplace, rather than using long Ethereum addresses.

Cryptocurrency addresses take the form of long strings of essentially random characters. Given that most people are used to interacting with user names or email addresses online, this can present a bit of a challenge: it’s far easier to deal with a handle like ‘Satoshi’ than a string like ‘1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa’. (By the way, that particular address is the very first Bitcoin address, called a genesis address.) Addresses just aren’t very human-recognisable. BitBoost’s marketplace includes a Naming System that allows users to substitute crypto addresses with a recognisable word or phrase. This can be used to help you keep track of users of interest to you. The Naming System has two functions:

Sig. This is a signature or name you can apply to your own account, like a screen name. Other users can see this and use it to find you. Choose your sig carefully! You can also post your sig online and in promotional materials to help drive customers to your listings. (Sellers will also be able to name their Storefronts, allowing buyers to search for a store and see everything the Seller has listed in that Storefront.)

Nametag. This is a private handle you can apply to another user to help you remember who they are, like a nickname in an address book. For example, you might nametag another user as ‘coffee guy’, ‘has the best chocolate’, and so on.

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