Using filtering for your store


Our marketplace features filters that prevent users’ searches from returning certain items. Filters may be used to remove from the search results items that are illegal in certain jurisdictions, that are objectionable on religious or cultural grounds, or simply that do not meet useful criteria (such as shipping destinations).

BitBoost maintains a general filter, but it is also possible to create custom filters. These can be used by merchants to return individual stores. For example, a merchant who sells soft toys could create a filter for his store called ‘JimsTeddyBears’. He can distribute this as part of his marketing strategy, and anyone who wants to find his store on the marketplace would simply apply the filter JimsTeddyBears. The only store that would be displayed using that filter would be his.

There will also be filters for illegal items, so BitBoost’s marketplace will not be a good venue for dark market trading. (Additionally, all items listed are recorded on the blockchain, so there is a permanent record of activity.)