Legal and illegal e-commerce and the application


Anyone can upload whatever items they want for sale, but we don’t recommend you list
illegal goods and have implemented optional filters to remove these from search results.

Our application is an open system, just like the Ethereum blockchain on which it is built. This means anyone can upload whatever they want to the platform and sell it to whoever is prepared to buy it. Obviously, this includes items that are illegal as well as legal. This is because BBM is a global platform, and not all goods are illegal or legal in every jurisdiction. Just make sure that you can legally sell the items you have chosen to list, and you shouldn’t encounter any problems with the authorities.

In relation to this, we would like to draw a couple of points to our users’ attention. The first is that the blockchain is public and anyone can see the items posted. Listing illegal items comes with the risk of being pursued by the authorities, just as it would with any other e-commerce platform – even if BitBoost does not have any control over what is listed.

The second is that we are developing a series of filters to block certain items from the search results. Users will be able to activate these as they want, thereby ensuring that they won’t see items that are illegal in their jurisdiction. There will also be parental filters, and users will be able to create their own custom filters to remove items from their searches that they consider objectionable for one reason or another.