I'm ready to sell, questions

  1. Will there be a website-front as opposed to just an app?
  2. When will we be able to sell?
  3. I’m interested in selling digital goods, created by myself, such as music and ebooks. Will there be some kind of hosting mechanism where I upload the content, perhaps have some blockchain licensing attached, and then sell directly through bitboost? Or is there some kind of third party you can recommend to do that?



Hi 1,

Thanks for your interest in BBM and for your patience while we get our all of our customer services up and running! We’re glad to have you in the community. I can answer some of your questions and will alert our experts to answer the rest.

First, yes, there will be a web version. BitBoost will be working on it in this 4th quarter, after the release of our OSP. With our current schedule, the first version will likely be ready in Q1 of 2019.

We would certainly like to allow sellers to be able to trade digital goods. They are a great option, requiring no shipping. I will inform our technical experts of this query and to get back to you with more details.



Hi 1,

I have gotten a response from our tech team for you: "The interface currently restricts the marketplace to physical goods, and does not at present allow users to sell services, nor does it support digital sales. While marketplaces for digital and physical goods appear superficially similar, they require very different functionality.

While it is technically possible for merchants to sell digital items on BitBoost Marketplace – simply by sending a digital file to buyers – we do not advise it. There is no way to prevent users from copying downloads and distributing them more widely. The same is true of selling services. Our system is not designed to ensure that services are delivered as promised, in the same way that we can facilitate the delivery of physical items and verify they meet expectations."

That said, we are in the infancy of our products and services. Our code will be going open source this month. And, it is possible to create a new marketplace for services using our APIs in conjunction with a customised user interface. If this is something you are interested in developing, let us know. Or, if you are not a developer, stay tuned to BitBoost updates because we may implement this in the future.

Thanks so much for your questions, 1! They help us to improve. In fact, I’m preparing a forum post on this very subject now, thanks to your input.

Best wishes,