How to upload items to your store on BitBoost Marketplace


Uploading new items to your store on BitBoost Marketplace is fast and straightforward. You will need some BBT to list each item.

Start by clicking ‘List new item’ on the menu on the lefthand side. The item listing wizard will then present you with seven screens to fill in, step by step. (If you click ‘Advanced mode’ when listing an item, you will be presented with a single screen with all of the fields together.)

  • Title. E.g. ‘One small kitten’.
  • Description, including all relevant information to help buyers make a decision. E.g. ‘Color: Orange. Condition: Like NEW! Personality: Sweetest kitten ever!!!11’.
  • Image(s). We recommend you upload at least one picture. Your first image will be displayed in the search results.
  • Classification. Adding a category and tags (optional) gives buyers more information and helps increase your chances of selling the item. E.g. Category: ‘Everything else’; Tag: ‘fuzzy’.
  • Delivery information, with shipping method if applicable (e.g. UPS, Fedex) and cost in ETH.
  • Pricing will prompt you to enter the quantity of the item you have to sell, and the cost per item in ETH. Items can be listed for two or four weeks.
  • Arbitration (optional). This lets you enter the Ether wallet address of an arbiter in case of a dispute; this typically increases trust between buyer and seller too, and therefore makes a sale more likely.

Once you’ve completed the listing process you will be given an item number, which will be stored in your user profile under My items, and in your wallet transaction history. You can view your listings at any time.