How to deliver items in our app


Reputable delivery services are used to ship items, with a list of delivery companies included in the app’s interface.

Depending on where both buyer and seller are located, there will be a range of delivery options for items ordered on the app. Sellers are responsible for organising shipping, but there will be a series of different delivery services offered within the app. One or other of these will be most appropriate given the buyer’s delivery address, how fast they want the product and how much they are prepared to pay for shipping.

Payment for items is only concluded when the buyer receives their order and confirms it has arrived safely. Up to this point, their funds remain in escrow and are not controlled by either buyer or seller. When safe receipt is acknowledged, the funds are released to the seller. In the event of non-delivery, damage in transit, or another dispute, the arbitration process is opened and funds are only released when it is concluded.