How can you contribute to the Open Source Project?


BitBoost’s blockchain e-commerce marketplace will be the flagship application for our technology, but our ultimate goal is far wider that launching a single product. We want to build a thriving community of like-minded businesses and individuals, all working together to create, promote and use a diverse suite of open source e-commerce apps and tools. We are really excited about our Open Source Project (OSP), and hope you will get involved! Do you want more information? Join our Open Source Project mailing list and get regular updates.

As we detailed in this blog post, we’re working towards something much bigger than a single blockchain e-commerce marketplace – even if (as we hope) it turns out to be really popular. Crypto projects are all about collaboration and community. They’re developed on open source technology and the most successful initiatives are the ones who have really taken that ethos to heart. They build diverse and vibrant ecosystems around the tech, with a broad range of stakeholders – from businesses and their customers to supporting services and infrastructure, media, publicity and traders, to name a few. And, most importantly, the best projects do a great job of engaging their communities to contribute directly and indirectly in all kinds of different ways.

Contributing to open source projects

That’s exactly what we want to do. BitBoost is looking to build a movement, not just an application. And while blockchain and the tech is important, it serves a greater purpose in providing a focal point for our community and all those who contribute to the wider vision.

When it comes to open source initiatives, people typically think it’s all about the software. If they’re not a developer, they often assume there’s no way for them to contribute. Admittedly, a lot of the activity happens around code repositories on GitHub and other platforms, and that can be kind of daunting if you don’t know what’s going on. (In fact, it’s a little like being dumped in a foreign country with no understanding of the local language or customs.) However:

It is a big mistake to think that if you don’t code, you can’t contribute!

There all kinds of different ways in which people get involved in open source projects, and contributing code is only one of them. This article is a great introduction to open source culture and all the ways you can help out – and why you might want to. Here are some of the things you might like to try out for BitBoost’s OSP.


Ok, we’ll just get this one out of the way first. Code isn’t the be-all and end-all of the OSP, but it is kind of important and we’d love to hear from you if this is in your skillset. If you’re able to help build and refine the blockchain e-commerce marketplace and all of the other tools we’re hoping will grow up around it, please get in touch – whether that means pointing out a bug, reviewing code or creating a whole new application.


Like being the first to try out a new application? Then this is a great way to help out. Early iterations of any software invariably have glitches, and it’s vital the bugs are located and squashed as soon as possible. Sometimes they can represent a security risk, other times they’re more of an annoyance that detracts from the user experience. If you’re a developer, and particularly if you know what you’re doing with blockchain and smart contracts, you’re more likely to be able to hunt down the former. But you don’t need any coding experience at all to be able to test drive an app – in fact, if you can give genuine feedback as an everyday end-user (that is, with an eye to what it’s actually like to use it, rather than an interest in what’s going on under the bonnet) that that’s hugely valuable.

Content managers and creators

Then there’s the vast swathe of activity that falls under the general heading of ‘content’. That can be directly related to the project: documentation, for example, which might include:

  • Written tutorials about how the products work for end users
  • Annotated screenshots
  • Video explainers and screencasts for given activities
  • Translations for key documents and posts
  • API documentation

But it also includes a whole bunch of other stuff that indirectly adds value for the community. For example, many blockchain platforms and projects have official or unofficial websites and publications that have built up around them. These host blogs and articles about both that project and the wider crypto space; reviews; how-tos; opinion pieces; market reports; breaking news; sponsored posts and adverts… the list goes on.

Spreading the word

The best application in the world will fail it doesn’t have users. That means getting the word out via as many channels as possible – Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms, as well as in blogs and articles on various websites and publications. All Likes, Shares, Retweets and Upvotes are appreciated! Perhaps you have a particular niche within which you have your own following and influence. Or perhaps you’re looking to establish yourself as a crypto commentator and influencer, in which case, discussing a new project is a great way to attract some interest.

Just being helpful

Friendly, helpful community members are massively underrated. Every crypto community has a few of these: enthusiasts who go above and beyond to help out, giving advice and guidance to newcomers, answering questions, pointing them towards key resources, and simply being generous with their time. These enthusiasts are super-connectors and conduits for knowledge who set the tone for a community, which would be very much poorer without them. (They frequently prove to be very successful in their own initiatives, too, having built up a wealth of contacts and expertise by doing what they love.) You may have fallen into that role without even realising it – so if that’s you, know that it’s appreciated.


We’re really excited about our blockchain e-commerce marketplace and all the advantages that it will bring to the sector, but there’s a bigger prize at stake. And we need you to make it happen! There are so many different ways you can contribute to BitBoost’s open source project, creating a community of enthusiasts around these blockchain-based tools and applications – so if you see a way to get involved, please don’t hesitate!