Don't confuse BBT Tokens!


We need to advise our community that there is another token with the symbol BBT. While this occasionally happens and shouldn’t cause any problems, we wanted to make sure that no one confused the BitBoost token for something else.

A second ‘BBT’ has been created. This is being distributed by a different company, operating in a different sector. This has nothing to do with the BitBoost marketplace, and our developers have no involvement with the project. The ‘Big Bang Token’ is part of a gaming loyalty initiative, and is currently being airdropped to the crypto community. It is also hosted on the Ethereum platform, like our own BitBoost Token.

In the decentralised landscape in which cryptocurrency operates, anyone can create a token and there is no single body tasked with avoiding such duplication. Typically, a token ticker symbol (like ‘BBT’) becomes established simply through use. Exchanges won’t list a token if it has the same symbol as another that is already traded on their platform. Additionally, ahead of listing a new token, most exchanges will check to ensure that another token with the same symbol isn’t already traded elsewhere. But this is an informal policy there is nothing to stop someone launching a new token with the same symbol as an existing one – even if the existing token is widely traded.

We do not anticipate that the existence of another token named BBT will cause any problems. It is generally easy to tell tokens apart by their full names and logos, which are displayed alongside exchange listings. However, we wanted to inform the community of this second BBT token to avoid any possible confusion.