Can I sell services as well as goods on the app?


At present, we do not support selling services on the app, though it would be possible to create such a marketplace using our API.

Our app was designed to be a decentralized e-commerce marketplace, on which anyone could transact freely with anyone else. There is great flexibility in the range of items that can be listed on the platform, with many different categories and powerful functionality to display these to best effect.

However, the interface currently restricts the marketplace to physical goods and does not at present allow users to sell services (or allow for digital goods hosting). This is something we have chosen not to support at this point, not least for the sake of simplicity and ensuring the initial iteration of our software is robust and useful for its primary purpose.

It is possible to create a new marketplace for services using our APIs in conjunction with a customised user interface. If this is something you are interested in developing, please email us for more information at